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The LED Fader 360 was designed to do two things. First, it slowly fades the four LEDs around the power button in and out while the console is off, simulating a breathing effect, or the sleep light in a Mac. In addition to this, you can connect up to 10 additional LEDs that will fade in sync with the front ring of light. When you turn your system on, the ring of light stops fading and the system takes control like normal, and the 10 additional LEDs stop fading and turn on solid.

This device is only designed to work in an Xbox360 and is only designed to do the features listed above. If you want to fade LEDs while your system is on, please use our LED Fader Deluxe. It is important to note that the Xbox360 has a limited amount of current supplied by the power supply in standby mode, so it is not recommended to power more than the additional 10 LEDs, even if using a LED Fader Deluxe.


To install the LED Fader 360, you will need to disassemble your console, thus voiding your warranty. Once opened, remove the front RF board. Remove the protective layer of the double sided tape on your fader and attach it as shown in the following diagram. Line it up so it is flush with R52 on the left and C11 on the bottom. The red shaded areas are where the metal shielding will go, so do not place your fader or wires in those areas. Also, do not place it on the right side, as it might affect antenna performance.

Once it is positioned, apply a very small amount of solder to every spot you will solder, both on the fader and on the RF board. Then simply connect 6 wires to their appropriate locations. 30awg wire and .015 solder is recommended for this. You can have the LED Fader 360 fade either your primary (green) or secondary (red) LEDs. You can not, however, connect it to both.

If you wish to connect additional LEDs to the fader (up to 10), you will wire the positive (+) side of the LEDs to H1. H1 outputs +3.3V, so be sure to use the correct resistor(s). You can connect the negative (-) side of the LEDs to any ground point.

Adding a switch

If you would like to add a switch to turn off your LED Fader 360, simply connect a SPST switch that breaks the connection to GND (-).

For any questions or help, please post in our forums.

Example install

Finished installation

This video shows one example of how far you can take the LED Fader 360. This was an install done by xboxexpert from for his watercooled Xbox360.

Installing this device will void your warranty. Install at your own risk. We claim no responsibility for any damage caused from using this device.

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