LED Fader Deluxe

The LED Fader Deluxe is a versatile chip designed to slowly fade LEDs in an out in a "breathing" effect similar to the sleep light of a Mac. It has four modes that can control when the LEDs are fading, depending on whether the device is on or in standby.

It has two pads built-in which support up to 10 LEDs each and has an additional pad where you can connect additional transistors to control as many LEDs as your device/transistors can handle. There is also a pad that is not controlled by the mode changes and can fade up to 10 LEDs while your device is in standby. The LED Fader Deluxe can work in a PC, car, Xbox360, PS2, etc. provided the power supply for that device can output 3.3-5v and have enough current to power your LEDs.

Xbox360 Use

The Xbox360 doesn't have much current for fading LEDs in standby mode, so the Fader 360 is best suited for that job, but if you want to fade LEDs while the Xbox360 is on, you'll need the Deluxe. The LED Fader Deluxe does NOT work on the ring of light. The LED Fader 360 is needed for fading that. With the LED Fader 360, you can then use the LED Fader 360 to also power up to 10 other LEDs in sync with the ring of light while the Xbox360 is off.

Xbox1 Use

Xbox versions 1.0 - 1.5 can only power a maximum of 2 LEDs while the Xbox is off. Powering your eject ring from LP is fine, but you will only be able to fade other LEDs when your Xbox is on. If you have a v1.6 Xbox, you do not have this limitation and can fade all of your LEDs while the Xbox is off and on.


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