LED Fader Deluxe Installation

Each pad's purpose

+: This connects to standby power.

-: This connects to ground.

PO: This tells the Fader whether your Xbox is on or off.

LP: LP is what your eject LEDs must connect to. This pad will always fade while the Xbox is off, then shut off once the Xbox turns on, allowing the Xbox to take control of your eject LEDs. This pad can handle up to 10 LEDs total. If using LP for your eject LEDs, do not connect any other LEDs to it; use H1, H2, and FO for your additional LEDs.

HP: This is what powers your LEDs on H1 & H2. In a v1.6 Xbox you will most likely want to connect this to the same point as + (Standby PWR). For all previous versions, you will most likely connect it to the same point as PO (+5V).

H1 & H2: These pads will always fade in synch with each other. You can control when they fade and when they don't by switching modes using the S1/S2 pads. Each pad supports up to 10 LEDs. You connect the positive side of your LEDs to the pad. They output +5V from HP, so be sure to use the right resistors. If you wish to fade more than 20 LEDs, use FO also.

FO: This pad fades in synch with H1 & H2, however you can not directly connect LEDs to it. Instead, this is a signal pad, which you must first connect a PNP transistor to, and then your LEDs to the transistor. A PNP transistor is required to fade in sync with the other pads. The current load of your transistor then determines how many LEDs you can connect to it. For example, if each LED is 20mA and your transistor supports up to 200mA, you can run 10 LEDs from it. If you connect 10 of those transistors however, you can then fade 100 LEDs. Use H1 & H2 if you are fading 20 or less LEDs, then use this pad in conjunction with a transistor(s) to fade more.

S1 & S2: These pads control the different modes in which H1, H2, and FO are controlled. By connecting ground to these pads, you can toggle how the LEDs are controlled depending on if the Xbox is on or off. There are 4 different options available. For example, if you connect ground to S2 only, then your H1, H2, and FO ports will all be off when your Xbox is off, but once you turn the Xbox on, they will begin fading. NOTE: These pads can connect to X1 & X2 on the XERC CME SE to remotely control how your LEDs fade.

Basic Connections

These are the basic connections required to power your LED Fader Deluxe and fade your eject ring in an Xbox. The LP points in the diagram refer to the eject ring LEDs. You can connect them to red OR green, but not both.

Installing this device will void your warranty. Install at your own risk. We claim no responsibility for any damage caused from using this device.

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