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The PulseVU 2 (& 2X) is a device that is soldered inside your game console, PC, etc. and controls LED lights to pulse with the audio coming from your console. It also has the ability to slowly fade your LEDs in and out to simulate a breathing effect, similar to the power light of a Mac.

The PulseVU 2 was designed for the Nintendo Wii and the PulseVU 2X was designed for the Microsoft Xbox360, however each PulseVU can be used in practically any device because it has the ability to calibrate to the audio coming from your system.

There are 17 unique modes to set your PulseVU to, including the VU mode, fader, and setting your LEDs to be solid on, dim, or off. All configurations and mode changes can be done externally by using any built-in button on your console, eliminating the need to constantly open your console or connect the device to a computer. There is also a quick disable feature, so you can quickly turn off your LEDs and then quickly set them back to the mode they were on at a later time.


The PulseVU 2 can handle up to 360mA of LEDs, which is equivalent to 18 20mA LEDs in parallel. The PulseVU 2X can handle up to 3A of LEDs, which is 150 20mA LEDs in parallel. Each version of the PulseVU can also connect to the Power Extender, which adds an additional 3A of power. These can be chained together to provide as much power for your LEDs as your power supply can handle.

The PulseVU 2 also has a message detection feature, which will temporarily disable the PulseVU when the Wii is controlling the lightbar. This will keep the PulseVU from interfering with the normal operation of the Wii. The PulseVU 2X has extra controls which enable it to also power the Xbox360's Ring of Light.

PulseVU 2 Demo in Wii with XCM II-Case

This is the XCM Crystal Blue ii-case w/LEDs for Wii, connected to a PulseVU 2. I have it set so the XCM lights turn off when the console is off, but you can set them to be on/fading in standby if you prefer.

See more videos, including 154 LEDs connected to a PulseVU 2X at

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