PulseVU Audio Calibration (mp3)

Audio Calibration (Peak): The PulseVU 2 is preset to be calibrated for the Wii, so you do not need to do this step if you are using the PulseVU 2 with a Wii. The PulseVU 2X comes calibrated for the Xbox360.

This mode (Mode12, L-L-S-S) will calibrate the peak of the VU meter to the peak of the audio coming from the system. To do this, simply enter this mode and play some music or any audio from the console at full volume. You will see the status lights increase in brightness as the audio gets louder. When you are done calibrating, switch to another mode to store your results.

We have created an audio file which will play a sound wave at peak volume, to calibrate the PulseVU. You can play the audio from your console over the internet using our embedded flash player or download the mp3 here to burn to a CD.

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