Cycling through modes automatically

If your PulseVU cycles through the modes automatically, without holding down the button, first turn off and unplug the console. Wait a few seconds and then plug it in again. As you plug it in, wait 5 seconds before touching the button you use for SW. If the problem continues after this, then the button you are using may not be compatible with the PulseVU.

LEDs too dim or too bright in VU mode

If your audio calibration is done incorrectly, the PulseVU could mis-interpret all audio as being at max volume or no volume at all. Perform both the Peak calibration and Noise calibration as described on the usage page to remedy this problem. If one or both of your AL/AR wires are loose or not connected, the PulseVU will not work correctly in VU mode. Check to make sure these points are installed correctly.

LEDs not turning on at all

There are several causes for this. If everything is connected properly, and the PulseVU is in Mode0, then the LEDs will be off. If you hold down your mode button for 3.5 seconds, the LEDs should blink, indicating that you are changing modes and everything is working. Change modes to Mode1 by holding the LEDs down for about 6 seconds, when they blink S-S-S-L.

If the LEDs do not blink when holding down the mode button, then perhaps the LEDs are connected improperly. They should be powered externally and then grounded to the VU pad of your PulseVU. If they are connected properly, check the + and - pads of your PulseVU to make sure it is receiving power.


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