Console-specific Install Directions

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General Install Directions

Your PulseVU can operate within the range of 3V-5V. You will need to find a suitable power source and connect this to the + pad of your PulseVU. In order for the PulseVU to work when your target device is off, you will need to find a voltage source that is available in standby also. The - pad of the PulseVU connects to ground.

The PO pad of the PulseVU is used to determine when the target device is on and off. This must be a voltage source that toggles between 0V to 3V-5V (not exceeding your + input) when the target device is turned on/off. If you do not wish to use this feature, you can connect PO directly to -. If the modes are acting reversed from the mode list, simply change the mode to "Function Swap" and they will be switched around.

The SW pad connects to a momentary button or switch. This is the button you use to change modes. You can use an existing button by connecting it to the point that toggles between + and - when pressed down. If you want to instead add a button specifically for the PulseVU, you can follow this schematic.

The VU pad is what controls your LEDs. Connect the cathode (negative) side of your LEDs to this pad. The anode (positive) side should connect to a power source capable of handling the current. Use the appropriate resistor(s).

AL & AR connect to the audio left and right pins that connect to the A/V connector or speakers of your target device.

CO on the back of the PulseVU is an output which connects to the Power Extender.

The two pads on the right side of the PulseVU 2 and the resistor between them are only used for the Wii. These may be cut off if you require a smaller PCB for other devices.

The L1, L2, and jumper next to the "2X" text are all only used for the Xbox360. Do not connect anything else here.

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