Install Directions for XCM II-Case in Wii

Some notes regarding installation

The XCM II-Case is a replacement shell for your Wii that comes with LEDs pre-installed into a translucent case. This install guide shows how to connect these LEDs to your PulseVU 2.


To begin, first install your PulseVU 2 and follow XCM's disassembly and installation manuals for installing the II-Case. You will need to follow these guides for the main install of the case. Shown on this page is how to connect the LEDs to the PulseVU 2.

Instead of the red and white wires plugging into the fan plug on the motherboard, we will be using those wires to connect to alternative points. Instead, the fan will plug into its port like normal. Since we won't be using the plug, you can either cut it off or do as I did and remove the pins from the plug as shown here.

Next, we need to add some extra wire to these so we can extend it to points underneath the motherboard. I used 26awg wire for this. Once you solder one wire to the red and one wire to the white wire, either isolate them with heatshrink tubing or electrician's tape as I did here.

There is a nice hole in the metal shielding right under the fan plug. Run your two wires through this hole so they are not pinched by the shielding.

The red wire is the negative for the LEDs and white is positive. Your extension of the red wire will connect to the VU pad of the PulseVU. For the white wire, you have two choices. If you want your LEDs to be powered when the console is off, connect them to the 5V pad shown below. If you'd prefer your LEDs to turn off when the console is off, connect them to TP49. In our video, the white wire is connected to TP49. Do not connect any LEDs other than the XCM lights to TP49, since that point was not designed to handle too large of a load.

Once those two wires are soldered to the motherboard, this part of the install is done. Follow up with the PulseVU install guide if you haven't done so already and finish with the XCM II-Case install guide.

Video of XCM II-Case connected to PulseVU 2

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