Install Directions for Wii

Some notes regarding installation

The PulseVU 2 was designed to work with the Wii by including a message detection feature that will temporarily disable the PulseVU when the Wii is controling the lightbar (to notify you of messages, disc insertion, etc.). It also features two extra pads which will allow your lightbar to work even when the console is off and internet is disabled (called the red standby fix). It also comes pre-calibrated to the Wii's audio signal. These features are not available in the PulseVU 2X.

The installation of this device has been made as easy as possible by using only large pads on the motherboard. The installation of this device does require soldering and some soldering experience is recommended. Be very careful when routing your wires from the PulseVU to the install points to place them where they will not be pinched when closing your case back together. You are wiring directly to current supplied by the power supply and improper installation can permanently damage your console. Opening your console will also void your manufacturer's warranty. That being said, if you have soldering skills and are comfortable opening your Wii, this install should be quick and easy for you.

To open your Wii, we used and recommend this dissasembly guide by Informit. Make sure to keep track of all parts and screws for reassembly. You will need small triwing and phillips screwdrivers. When turning over the motherboard, take extreme care not to remove the heatsink or allow it to become loose. If it becomes disconnected, you will need to reapply the thermal paste to connect it again.


The main installation of the PulseVU 2 in the Wii consists of 7 wires soldered to the back of the motherboard. The PulseVU may also be stuck to the back of the motherboard with double-sided tape. Make sure to not block any holes with your wires and to isolate your PulseVU from the metal shielding with electrician's tape.

Click here for the Install Diagram image.

Red standby fix

If the power light on your Wii is red when the console is off, meaning you do not have internet enabled and have WiiConnect24 turned off, then you may do the following installation to enable your lightbar to work when the console is off. If your standby light is orange, you can skip this step. The reason for this step is because when WiiConnect24 is disabled, then the Wii does not send power to the lightbar when the console is off. We remedy this problem by supplying power to the lightbar directly from the power supply.

To allow your lightbar to operate while the console is in red standby, you will need to remove the resistor indicated and then solder the two points shown to your PulseVU 2.

Click here for the red standby fix diagram.

Adding additional LEDs

Connecting the VU pad to TP52 on the motherboard allows it to control the lightbar on the Wii. You can connect up to 8 additional LEDs to the PulseVU's VU pad by connecting the cathode (-) side of the LEDs to the VU pad and powering the LEDs with a suitable power source. Use the appropriate resistor(s) if necessary.

To power more than 10 LEDs, you can connect one or more of our Power Extenders to the PulseVU, which will allow you to control as many LEDs as the power supply can handle.

XCM II-Case Install

The XCM II-Case is a nice crystal blue shell with pre-installed LEDs. You can connect these LEDs to the PulseVU as well by following our install guide for the II-Case.

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