Install Directions for Xbox1

Some notes regarding installation

Either the PulseVU 2 or PulseVU 2X can be used in your Xbox. The PulseVU 2X supports more LEDs, whereas the PulseVU 2 has a smaller PCB size.

It is important to note that the Xbox versions 1.0-1.5 only have enough standby power to power 2 LEDs when the Xbox is off. When the Xbox is on however, it is able to power over 100 LEDs. The 1.6 does not have this limitation and can power all of your LEDs when the Xbox is off as well as when on.

The installation of this device has been made as easy as possible by using only large pads on the motherboard. The installation of this device does require soldering and some soldering experience is recommended. Be very careful when routing your wires from the PulseVU to the install points to place them where they will not be pinched when closing your case back together. You are wiring directly to current supplied by the power supply and improper installation can permanently damage your console. Opening your console will also void your manufacturer's warranty. That being said, if you have soldering skills and are comfortable opening your Xbox, this install should be quick and easy for you.


The main installation of the PulseVU in the Xbox1 consists of 6 wires soldered to the back of the motherboard. The PulseVU may also be stuck to the back of the motherboard with double-sided tape. Make sure to not block any holes with your wires and to isolate your PulseVU from the metal shielding with electrician's tape.

Click here for the Install Diagram image.

Adding LEDs

The PulseVU 2 can support up to 360mA of LEDs, which is about 18 LEDs. The PulseVU 2X can support up to 3Amps of LEDs, which is about 150 LEDs. To connect them to the PulseVU, simply power them with the Xbox and connect the cathode (negative) side of the LEDs to the VU pad of the PulseVU. Use the appropriate resistor(s) if necessary. A good +5V power source for your LEDs is indicated in the above diagram.

If you require more than 150 LEDs, you can connect one or more of our Power Extenders to the PulseVU, which will allow you to control as many LEDs as the power supply can handle.

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