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Power Extender
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The Power Extender (PE) is used to add additional LEDs to your PulseVU 2, PulseVU 2X, or SICKmods Fader. It has the ability to support up to 3Amps of LEDs, which is 150 20mA LEDs in parallel. By default, the PulseVU 2 supports .36A, the PulseVU 2X supports 3A, and the Fader supports .2A. Multiple boards can be chained together to power as many LEDs as the power supply can handle.


The - pad connects to ground. This wire must be thick enough to support the large currents used by your LEDs, as it will act as the ground for them. If you are using more than one power supply, all power supplies should be connected together with a common ground wire.

The + pad powers the electronics on the PE. Connect this to 3.3v-5v. 26-28awg wire can be used for this.

IN is the input signal for the PE. Connect a wire from CO (Controlled Output) on your PulseVU/Fader to IN on the PE.

CO is used to chain multiple Power Extenders together. If you're connecting a second Power Extender, you can connect CO from the previous PE to IN of the next PE.

The OUTPUTS are where you connect the cathode (negative) side of your LEDs to. All 6 pads are electrically the same. We have put 6 pads on the PE so it is easier to connect several thick wires to the outputs.

Your LEDs must be powered by a voltage source, usually 5V. Use the appropriate resistors. The amount of LEDs the Power Extender(s) can handle depends on the amperage output of your PSU to this voltage source.

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