PulseVU 2X Stress Test

154 LEDs connected to a PulseVU 2X & Xbox360 to show its capabilities.
This can be accomplished using a PulseVU 2 & Power Extender also.

PulseVU 2 Demo in Wii

Shows how the PulseVU 2 works including some music and sound effects.

PulseVU 2 Demo in Wii with XCM II-Case

This is the XCM Crystal Blue ii-case w/LEDs for Wii, connected to a PulseVU 2. I have it set so the XCM lights turn off when the console is off, but you can set them to be on/fading in standby if you prefer.

Audio Calibration Demo in Wii

Here is a video of how to calibrate the PulseVU to your system. This was done in a Wii, but the same steps are used in any device. The PulseVU 2 does not need to be calibrated for the Wii, as it comes pre-calibrated. The PulseVU 2X is pre-calibrated for the Xbox360.

PulseVU 1 Demo in Xbox1

PulseVU 2 Demo in Wii

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