PulseVU for Xbox360

Some notes regarding installation

Please be aware that some soldering skills are recommended for this install. Improper installation can permanently damage your Xbox. Installing this device voids your warranty.

To open your Xbox360, we recommend this dissasembly guide by aweirdguy.

The install points

Click here for the Install Diagram image.

To power your LEDs, we recommend using the +5V source from the red point marked in this image. Be sure to read a LED Tutorial you are unfamiliar with how to wire LEDs and be sure to use the correct resistor(s). The cathode (negative) side of your LEDs should connect to the VU pad on the PulseVU. They should only connect here, not ground like usually.

The PulseVU supports up to about 600mA of LEDs. When wired in parallel, a standard LED is usually 20-30mA, which allows for 20-30 LEDs.

After the install

The very first time you plug in the Xbox after installation, the PulseVU will be set to Mode1 and will remain this way unless you change it. Mode1 means it will fade your LEDs when the console is off and pulse them to the music when the console is on.

To disable the PulseVU, simply hold down the power button for about 4 seconds, when it will blink 4 short times. This will set it to Mode0, meaning the LEDs are off.

To enable the PulseVU and change how it controls the LEDs, hold down the power button to cycle through the 10 different modes. When you press the button, it will always start at the beginning of the cycle, Mode0. This is so you can quickly turn it off when needed. Hold down the button until it blinks the combination you want, then let go and it will be active.

The different modes are as follows: (S = short blink; L = long blink)

Blink PatternModeLEDs when Xbox is offLEDs when Xbox is on



If you need any assistance or troubleshooting, feel free to ask questions in our forums or use our contact form to contact us. We always like to hear about successful installs and other thoughts also, which you can post in our forums.

Installing this device will void your warranty. Install at your own risk.
We claim no responsibility for any damage caused from using this device and are not affiliated with Microsoft in any way.

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