The SICKmods Fader is a device that is soldered inside your game console, PC, etc. and controls LED lights to slowly fade in and out to simulate a breathing effect, similar to the power light of a Mac. The SICKmods Fader is the successor to the LED Fader 360, but has been designed to work better with other devices besides the Xbox360. New features include an even smaller PCB size, more control over how it controls your LEDs, the ability to work with the Power Extender, to add 150+ LEDs, and 15 different modes.

The 15 unique modes you can set your Fader to are the fader, solid on, dim, or off. All configurations and mode changes can be done externally by using any built-in button on your console, eliminating the need to constantly open your console or connect the device to a computer. There is also a quick disable feature, so you can quickly turn off your LEDs and then quickly set them back to the mode they were on at a later time. The main fader mode also can be set to either fade the LEDs out completely, or have them remain dim between fades.


The Fader can handle up to 10 20mA LEDs (5 on each Lx pad). It can also connect to the Power Extender, which adds an additional 3A of power. These can be chained together to provide as much power for your LEDs as your power supply can handle. If installing on an Xbox360's ROL, you will need a Power Extender or switch to the PulseVU 2X if you wish to add additional LEDs other than the 4 in the ring of light.

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