Installation of the SICKmods Fader is quite simple, requiring only 6 wires. The Fader can be placed directly on the back of the RF module board (ROL board) with double-sided tape. The L1 & L2 pads can connect to either the red or green stock LEDs.

Click here for the Install Diagram image.

If installing on an Xbox360's ROL, you will need a Power Extender or switch to the PulseVU 2X if you wish to add additional LEDs other than the 4 in the ring of light.

General Installation

The SICKmods Fader can also be used in nearly any device that supplies 3V-5V. It can power up to 10 LEDs by default, or you can use a Power Extender to add support for 150+ more LEDs.

The + pad must conect to a 3V-5V power source, and the - pad connects to ground.

The PO pad is used to determine when the target device is on and off. This must be a voltage source that toggles between 0V to 3V-5V (not exceeding your + input) when the target device is turned on/off. If you do not wish to use this feature, you can connect PO directly to +. If the modes are acting reversed from the mode list, simply change the mode to "Function Swap" and they will be switched around.

The SW pad connects to a momentary button or switch. This is the button you use to change modes. If you don't want to use a switch and have the Fader always-on, connect SW to -.

The L1 & L2 pads control your LEDs. Connect the cathode (negative) side of your LEDs to one pad. The anode (positive) side should connect to a power source capable of handling the current. Use the appropriate resistor(s). Each pad can support up to 5 LEDs, allowing 10 LEDs total.

CO on the back of the Fader is an output which connects to the Power Extender. Use this to power additional LEDs.

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