Changing modes

To change modes, hold down the power button on your Xbox360, or the SW button on any other device. After 3.5 seconds, it will begin cycling through the modes. The LEDs connected to your Fader will blink in binary indicating the mode. Release the button after it begins blinking the mode you want to set it on and before it begins blinking the next mode. It will then stay on this mode until you change it.

Quick Disable

To quickly turn off the Fader, simply hold down the eject button for 3.5 seconds, until you see it start to blink short-short-short-short. This puts it in Mode0. To quickly turn the Fader back on to the mode you had it on previously, repeat the process of putting it in Mode0 and it will toggle back to the last used mode.

Mode List

The different modes are as follows: (S = short blink; L = long blink)

Blink PatternModeFunction when console is offFunction when console is on
L-S-S-LMode9Function Swap
L-S-L-SMode10Fader Mode Swap
L-S-L-LMode11Factory Reset

Function Swap: Enter this mode to swap the functions of the modes when the console is on or off. For example, to set your LEDs to be dim when the console is off, and then fade when the console is on, you would enter Mode9 to swap the functions and then enter Mode2. This gives you a total of 15 unique, usable modes to choose from.

Fader Mode Swap: Enter this mode to swap how the LEDs operate between fades. By default the LEDs will remain dim at the bottom of each fade. This mode will swap it so the LEDs turn completely off between fades.

Factory Reset: Use this mode to erase any settings you have changed since using your PulseVU and restore it to the default settings. This will set it back to Mode1 and also recalibrate the audio to the original settings.

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