This guide is for the older XERC 2 SE model.

The XERC 2 is a simple device to install, even for beginners. It requires 6 wires to be soldered to the motherboard, plus 3 wires to connect the IR receiver.

Before beginning installation, be sure to read the User's Manual.
Click here to download the XERC 2 User's Manual.
You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDFs.

Connect to Mobo

To begin installation, the preferred method is to use double-sided tape to secure the XERC 2 to the bottom side of the motherboard. Use tape thick enough to isolate the XERC 2 from the motherboard, and be sure to place it in a flat, open area. You can then attach the 6 wires to the motherboard. We recommend using 26awg wire for PO, PWR, and GND, and 30awg wire for the rest.

Optional Status Light connections

The recommended way to use the status light is to connect it to either the green or red eject ring LEDs, as shown in the diagram below. However, you can instead connect your own LED(s) to the SL pad of the XERC 2. v1.6 Xboxes can power up to 10 LEDs, and the SL pad provides 5V power. v1.0-1.5 Xboxes can power up to 2 LEDs because of the limited PSU power, and the SL pad provides 3.3V power. Be sure to use the correct resistor for your circuit.

Install the IR Receiver

To install the IR receiver, you must run 3 wires from the receiver to the XERC 2. Be sure to not mix up the order of these wires. The IR receiver must be in direct line of sight with your remote. If you have a clear case, it will work through it. You can also drill a hole and mount it behind that, or simply mount it to the front as shown in the picture below. Whatever method you choose, be very careful not to allow the metal pins of the receiver touch each other or the metal shield surrounding the Xbox.

Optional IR Receiver Sharing

If you would like to mount your MS DVD Dongle internally, you can do so and share just one IR receiver. You must use the receiver that came with your XERC 2 in order for this to work. You must also disconnect the existing receiver from the MS DVD Dongle completely. The next step is to connect a diode such as a 1N4004 or 1N4148 in between IRd on the XERC 2 and the data line on the DVD dongle. The data line on the dongle is the one that is separated from the other two. Your diode will have a line indicating the cathode side, which must point towards the XERC 2. Once the diode is installed and the original receiver is removed, install the IR receiver to the XERC 2 as normal and it will control both the XERC 2 and the MS DVD Dongle.

Test it out

Once the 9 wires are connected, re-assemble your Xbox and plug it in. As soon as it gets power, you should see your status light blink twice, then begin to fade. Your XERC 2 is now installed and can be used immediately or you can modify the button configuration. To continue, download the User's Manual.
Click here to download the XERC 2 User's Manual.

Configuration Video

Here is a general introduction and configuration walkthrough video to help you understand the manual.

Installing this device will void your warranty. Install at your own risk. We claim no responsibility for any damage caused from using this device.

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