P/E board Troubleshooting

A LOT of people are having the problem that the xbox turns on automatically when you plug in the power and then they must unplug it to turn it off. This is going to help most of those people I hope.

First step is to check if the problem lies on the actual P/E board (the front panel) or on the motherboard (mobo). To check that simply unplug the P/E board connector from the mobo and plug in the power. If it turns on when you plug in the power then the problem probably lies on the mobo, other wise its on the P/E board. If it is on the P/E board just look for shorts; that's the best tip I can give. For more info on the actual P/E board, see this picture by (click the picture for a link to their thread with a bigger picture).

If the problem lies on the mobo, you should be able to find the problem with this little guide. It should either be a broken trace or a burnt or missing resistor, so measure all the 10k/20k resistors indicated below. The reason that the 1.6 version of xbox has one 10k and one 20k resistor for the pull-up part is that the V1.6 has 5V stb. The Xyclops wants a 3.3V signal so they use a 20k to ground and a 10k to 5V standby to divide the voltage to 3.3V (20k/(10k + 20k)*5V = 3.3V). NOTE that when you measure some of the resistors, like the division resistors just mentioned, they won't always measure exactly what they should because they are connected in parallel with other resistors, so don't be alarmed if they measure something like 6.6k instead; it is OK!

If it wasn't any of the resistors, then it's probably a broken trace. You can measure the continuity between where the purple (power) or cyan (eject) trace. Mesure between where it starts (on the bottom part of the picture where the resistors are) and where it ends (on a MCU pin on the top half). If you have no continuity, then trace the whole trace on the back of the mobo and you should find that its broken somewhere. Some times it's more sneaky and won't show that well that the trace is broken, so it's a good idea to check the trace the whole way on the back of the mobo. It's common that these traces get corroded and start acting up!

Click for a bigger picture for your xbox version.

If none of this has gotten you any further, a last resort can be to change the PIC mcu/Xyclops. The replacement would have to be taken from another broken xbox mobo. I have never heard of a broken xyclops, but apparently the PICs can go and die from time to time. As far as I know the PICs are compatible within all 1.0-1.5 versions.

If none of this helped you can ask in our forums and we'll try to help you.

How do the front buttons work?

The front buttons on the XBOX are simple momentary push buttons. They are connected like this:

User contributions:

My Xbox would power up on it's own, and not shut down. I opened the xbox up, checked the voltages, they were ok, checked the p/e board and it was good, removed the mod chip, and the problem remained. Eventually, I pulled the motherboard out, and found a thin film of green corrosion on some of the contacts on the back. I wiped it down with rubbing alcohol, and tried it out, works perfectly.

By: SaigaShooter

I would like to report having the same problem described. Power button did not work, machine would shut off and power on by itself, powered on automatically when plugged in, etc. I removed the motherboard and on the underside I noticed dark specks along some of the traces and white smears of some residue on certain spots of the board. I gently scraped along the traces to remove the specks; then cleaned the traces with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. The white smears were also cleaned with alcohol, but no scraping. So far, my Xbox has been working perfectly and the symptoms have disappeared.
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By: Five9

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