We now have an ATX to XBOX psu converter for sale. There is finally a product replacing the now missing apache mod. Get yours here today!


Here you can see the diagrams of the PSU connectors. The colors of the PSU wires will vary a bit sometimes, but the important thing is the position of them, not the color.

As you can see in the diagrams the PowON and PowOK signals are not to be used as current sources; they are just signals between the PSU and the mobo. PowON is a signal from the mobo to the psu telling it to turn on, so when the xbox notices that you have pressed the power button on the front it puts 3.3V on the PowON line to tell the PSU to turn on. When the PSU is stable it ouputs 3.3V on the PowOK line to tell the mobo that the psu is working correctly and that the whole xbox can be turned on.

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